New Petite Collection

New Petite Collection from Snap jewellery

Add a little glamour to your day, with the New Petite collection from Snap Jewellery.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and snaps have recently been added to the site with more being added everyday. take a look, they are absolutely beautiful. Just add a petite snap of your choice to personalise it.

IMG_2427 IMG_2429 IMG_2422 IMG_2381 a95db3b8-128f-4eff-9163-12b2d00e223d 0f412c70-96c7-44c2-91c0-cdddacad8c9d 74378278-5bbc-4d27-a58e-b0adee2fb3ed 30790d66-b5d4-42d1-a555-e7f9c9ac777f 7fd52cee-561d-4bb4-8da7-b8d13ef4e23e 8157bfd9-1385-4686-a608-f57d943be64b 323cd12d-7b4b-4dfc-b6f0-19c733bea2daf41e9426-f1aa-4d5f-aeb9-abaed4788c32

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